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How to add value to your client experience with water

If you own a business, you will know that the most important thing to nurture is the client

experience. Why? Because your clients are your walking, talking advertisements and the best way to attract new clients is by speaking to people about their own experience. One of the easiest ways to enhance your client experience is through offering them a glass of water.

SO SIMPLE! Now imagine if you had a superior water filtration system available for your clients that offered not only filtered water, but also sparkling water and boiled water, at the touch of a button. Guess what? You can!

The Aquaspritz is the ultimate drinking appliance, available in a sleek and simple under bench system, or as a free-standing unit. Whether you buy the system outright or through a tax-deductible lease, you are guaranteed 6-monthly filter replacements and servicing, maintenance, repairs and spare parts.

This unique, sleek, superior system can be used in any industry – from hair and beauty studios, hotels and restaurants, car showrooms, jewellers, and reception areas. Let the system complement your service offering with the option of sparkling water or instant boiling water for tea and coffee. Your clients will love this added touch, and you will love the ability to provide your client with a refreshment without having to go to the fridge or wait for the kettle to boil.

If you are a Toowoomba local and would like to know more about our superior water filtration systems for your business or residential use, reach out by phoning 1300 785 085.


The Water Cooler Guys


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