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Drink More Water and Lose Weight Faster

Did you put on the 5KG Covid spread? You’re not alone! Read along and get embrace the 8 easy tips to help you drink more water & lose weight faster.

Are you struggling to drink your 8-10 glasses of water a day? We all know that we should and that is is important for our health and contributes to successful weight loss, but sometimes it seems hard to do on a consistent basis.

I also find that I have no problem drinking my 8 glasses of water in Summer, but as the temperature cools off, I must count my glasses, and some days I even have to force myself to drink enough of them!

Did you know that drinking cold water will naturally burn more calories as your body has to work harder to regulate your body temperature?

I have found some tips that have helped me tremendously to ensure that I get a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. Here are the 10 tips to help you drink more water and lose weight faster.

1. CHANGE IT UP – Flavour it with cut up citrus, berries, mint, lemon, mint, ginger, or cucumber.

2. BUY A SNAZZY WATER BOTTLE AND TAKE IT EVERYWHERE WITH YOU – If it’s with you, it will always be within sight and remind you to drink.

3. ADD A LITTLE SPARKLE TO YOUR LIFE – invest in an AquaSpritz filtered sparkling water system.


Studies have shown that sparkling water can help keep us from overeating because it helps the stomach keep food in it longer, and this in turn triggers the feeling of fullness quicker. It was also found to aid digestion, and helped to alleviate that bloated feeling.

5. TRACK YOUR INTAKE WITH AN APP, FIT-BIT, OR IN YOUR NUTRITION TRACKER – Track your progress to encourage you to drink and it will serve as a reminder to drink more water to meet your daily goal.

6. WATCH THE CLOCK – Have a glass every hour on the hour during your day. By the end of the day, you’ll have your 8 glasses, and sometimes more, of water done!

7. BATHROOM BREAKS – After each trip to the bathroom, drink a glass of water to replenish your system. It helps to keep a glass handy in the bathroom. Every time you pass a water fountain, take a few gulps.

8. CHILL OUT – Did you know that drinking at least 2 glasses of chilled water in the morning can increase your metabolism by 24%? Think of the effect that would have while you exercise!

9. USE A STRAW – By using a straw, you won’t swallow so much air, which may cause some discomfort. You also drink a larger quantity through the straw than with sips or gulps, and you will drink more – and faster!

I hope you have found a couple of new ideas to help you drink more water & lose weight weight faster.

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