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How to stay healthy this Christmas

The silly season is fast approaching, and it won’t be long until we are thinking about what to serve for Christmas gatherings, New Years celebrations, and end of year parties and work functions.

Whilst this time of the year is known for celebrating with others, it is also a time known for overindulging with food and drink, exercising less and weight gain.

With the year that was 2020, don’t let this festive season result in getting you down or adopting unhealthy habits. To help you, I have put together my top ways to stay healthy this Christmas, whilst still enjoying yourself.

1. Plan

If you are hosting an upcoming gathering during the festive season, plan ahead. Think about

what you will serve, and perhaps serve more savoury dishes than sweet dishes. Replace

unhealthy ingredients with a healthier alternative.

Substitute soft drink for sparkling water. Use straws to make it more fun. Have jugs of cold

water with lemon or lime and a dash of mint for yourself and your guests. This is a great

beverage which will not only aid with digestion of some of the more indulgent foods you are

consuming but is also refreshing during the hot summer months of the festive season.

2. Watch your portion size

Most of us love food at this time of year. But it is easy to overindulge. This year watch your portion size. You can still enjoy what is served up, without needing to overdo it. Try eating slowly, chewing your food more and not going back for another helping. Perhaps even remind yourself ‘this is not the last time I will ever eat ‘xyz’ again’.

3. Incorporate water

There are several ways you can incorporate water into your festive season. The first one is to try to have a glass of water before and after each meal. This can help your body feel full, and thereby, avoid going back for another helping. Secondly, try to have a drink of water

after each alcoholic beverage – a great idea to stay hydrated, support your liver, and ensure you won’t be under the influence if you are driving. As mentioned earlier, serve fruit infused cold water as a refreshing, healthy alternative use, reach out by phoning 1300 785 085. Your guests and/or clients will be pleased you did!


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