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Do you dislike the taste and quality of Toowoomba water?

5-in-1 Smart Water Faucet - the Only One You Need.

Combining tap water & sparkling, hot & cold filtered water in one faucet.

☑️  Save $$$$ on bottled water
☑️  Improve your health, stay hydrated

☑️  Removes 99.9% of contaminants

☑️  Stylish, sleek, under-sink design
☑️  Plumbed in = no lifting heavy bottles

☑️  Reduce plastic waste


Our new AquaSpritz
5-in-1 Faucet gives you the option of mains water and sparkling, cold and hot filtered water straight from the one tap.

Our new AquaSpritz 5-in-1 Faucet Under-bench Filtration System is the ultimate drinking appliance for healthy, sustainable water. The new improved model offers:


☑️  Endless hot, cold and sparkling water on demand

☑️ Exceptional water filtration 

☑️  Compact unit fits under any bench

☑️  Plumbed in - never buy or carry plastic bottles again!


The Top 3 Reasons Why Our Clients Love the AquaSpritz!

1.  The Health Benefits
TWCG - Blog Post - Health Benefits.png
2.  The Convenience
  • No buying, ordering, lifting or storing plastic bottles

  • No need to wait for the kettle to boil in the staff room

  • Scheduled 6 monthly filter replacement and servicing

Large Water Container
3.  The Environmental Benefits
  • Reduce the use and disposal of plastic bottles

  • Reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill

  • It takes up to 3-7 litres of water and 1 litre of oil to produce just 1 litre of bottled water

  • A plumbed-in water supply has helped companies reduce their carbon footprint by up to 72%

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach
Price Comparison

Save Money. Compare Costs.

To Purchase Outright $3795
(Please note: if you purchase outright, it will not include maintenance, repairs, spare parts, discount on consumables or filter replacement and servicing)
Fully Maintained Operational Lease Price 
Only $25

(Includes 6 monthly filter changes, servicing and includes all maintenance and repairs)



6 monthly filter replacement and servicing
All maintenance, repairs and spare parts
Tax deductible operational lease
Fixed pricing and direct debit



Installation $250-$350 depending on site
○ 12 Month Warranty
○ Replacement filters $49 each


How Do We Compare?

updated table 2.PNG

Leasing Your AquaSpritz.

One of the main reasons that people choose to use a tax-deductible lease is that there is a minimal upfront cost, which is better on your cash flow. However, the main reasons are that our fully maintained lease is hassle-free and will save you a fortune in filter replacement, servicing and repairs. As you are aware, appliances of all types have issues from time-to-time and will all eventually break.

There is nothing more frustrating than when you purchase a new appliance and it breaks a few months after the warranty has expired. As we all know, every appliance has a shelf-life. Ask anyone who has an under-sink sparkling water system and they will tell you that they usually break at the 3-4 year mark, if not sooner.

Unfortunately, this is a reality of any product that uses C02. Repairing appliances such as these can be a costly and frustrating business! Just think back to the last time you had to call an appliance repairer!

It is for this reason that we are so passionate about our tax-deductible leases. You will never ever have to fork out another cent! If your system has any technical issues, we fix it for free! When it eventually breaks (which everything does) – we replace it free and upgrade you to the current model at no additional cost.


Benefits of leasing the 5-in-1 AquaSpritz

6-monthly filter replacement and servicing included
All maintenance, repairs and spare parts included
30% discount on all consumables and cups
Tax deductible operational lease
Fixed pricing and direct debit available
No more ordering and carrying large bottles
Sustainable, innovative and eco-friendly
Saves money in comparison to bottled water

What Our Clients Say...

Ella Baché Toowoomba

West-Star Motors

Focus HR

Who Uses The Water Cooler Guys?


“We love having our Water Cooler Guys water dispenser! We also found the after-sales service offered by Heidi to be second to none.”


Naomi Wilson, Focus HR

“I love our new AquaSpritz because it means that I don’t have to keep opening soda bottles for my scotch!”


Charlie Mort,

Director Mort & Co

💦 Over 3.5 Million
Glasses of Purified Water Each Year

💦 Used by  350+ Local Toowoomba Businesses and Offices

💦 Saved 2.5 Million Water Bottles From Ending up in Landfill

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