Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you install in my area?

Currently The Water Cooler Guys services Toowoomba, Warwick, Dalby, Pittsworth, Gatton, Highfields and everywhere in between. If you are not in these areas, please give us a call as we will try to help out if we can.

Do you offer systems without sparkling water?

Yes! We offer many different system options from counter top units, to below bench systems and free standing models.  Most systems have the option to choose from hot, cold, sparkling & ambient water & all offer very high levels of filtration.  Just call us and we will try to find you the perfect system for your needs.

How often do I need to refill my C02 canister?

Our  2.6 kg CO2 bottle produces approx. 433 litres of sparkling water (that’s approx. 1500 standard glasses). As an example, our family of 6 changes our C02 bottle every 5-6 months. Your 1st 2.6 kg CO2 bottle is included in your lease.

What do I do when my sparkling water loses its ‘fizz’?

You will know when your C02 is nearly empty as the sparkling water will lose its fizz and the gauge on the regulator will show that it’s empty (similar to a fuel gauge). Simply give us a call and we will arrange for our licensed plumber & gas fitter to come to you and replace the bottle & calibrate the regulator for you - we even give your system a free, complimentary service check-up while we’re there.  The price for the 2.6kg canister of C02 and plumber & gas fitter service call is $145 + gst.

How long are your leases?

Our cost-effective tax-deductible leases are available for both homes and businesses.  They are for 36 months but we do have a cancellation clause available if required.  

What happens at the end of the lease period?

That’s entirely up to you - you can continue leasing the system and have it upgraded when necessary or have the system removed if you no longer require it.

How do I know when my system’s filter needs changing?

We schedule regular servicing for you so that you don’t need to worry about it.  Our plumber will then contact you to come & change your filter & service your machine according to the system’s manual & corresponding filter schedule.

If my system breaks is that included in my lease?

Yes! The joy of an operational lease is that you will never have to pay to have it repaired, or replaced, if necessary.

If I move can I move the system with me?

Yes, no problem, just call us & we’ll get it sorted for you.

Can I install a system if I rent? 

As long as you OK it with the owner, it's fine.  We have installed many systems in rental homes.

Why would I lease a water filtration system & not buy one outright?

Great question. Our fully-maintained operational leases are the best option for two excellent reasons:


Firstly, a filtration system is only as good as the filters on it - that's why 6 monthly filter changes are included, and;
Secondly, all appliances eventually break – however, with a lease, your appliance will always be replaced at NO COST to you.

What’s more, our clients tell us that they love our leasing system because:
1.    There is no huge initial outlay WOO HOO!
2.    If it breaks, we fix it for FREE!
3.    When it eventually goes to 'water cooler heaven' we upgrade you to the new model  - FREE!   
4.    Scheduled SERVICING & changes of all filters are INCLUDED. One less thing for you to remember & it ensures your system works perfectly, every time.
5.    The lease is TAX-DEDUCTIBLE


So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today & we'll help find the perfect water solution for you.