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How drinking water improves employee productivity

It is no secret that water is essential for your mind and body. When our bodies are hydrated we have more energy, allowing us to feel more focused and able to perform better. Water also strengthens our immune system by flushing out toxins that build up in our bodies. When we are dehydrated we feel easily fatigued, experience brain fog, changes in mood and recurrent headaches.

Let’s transfer this to a workplace scenario. Think about the performance of your current employees.

Are they;

  • Functioning at their peak

  • Quick thinkers

  • Problem solvers

  • Excited / passionate about the work they do each day

  • Performing at the expected level

  • Generally happy, in

  • Providing a positive customer service

  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere and team environment

Or, perhaps you have noticed the following employee performance;

  • Just functioning each day

  • Easily fatigued

  • Brain fog

  • Recurrent headaches

  • Changes to mood / depressed

  • Creating a negative workplace environment

  • Regular sick days

If you’ve answered yes to the last dot points, I have an easy solution for you! Encouraging your team to simply drink more water could be the answer. However, you need to think about the quality of water you are currently supplying your employees. Many people are health conscious when it comes to the water they drink. Not everyone is happy to drink water from a tap, or from a plastic bottle. Some people prefer sparkling water or even hot water, but it all boils down to personal preference. The bottom line is, you could potentially increase the productivity and performance of your employees, simply by supplying them with a quality water solution.

If you are a Toowoomba business owner who would like to know more about our superior water filtration systems, reach out by phoning 1300 785 085.


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