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How drinking water can improve your gut health

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

During the last 10 years, we have seen increasing studies and education about the importance of good gut health. Your gut bacteria contains over 1000 different species – some good and some bad.

These bacteria are referred to as the microbiome. Each person’s gut bacteria is unique and can play a huge role on the health of your mind and body.

In relation to your mind, studies show that your gut bacteria can affect your mental health. Scientists have found there is a connection between the brain and the nerves in your gut, which they refer to as ‘the gut-brain axis’. Anxiety & depression are all believed to be associated with bad gut bacteria. Low levels of serotonin (produced mainly from the gut) are common in people with these mental health conditions.

During 2018, 60 twin infants participated in a study at St Louis, USA. The study showed that the infants who drank unfiltered tap water had poor gut health. The study concluded that unfiltered chlorinated water could affect the bacteria in the gut.

Drinking filtered water, avoiding antibiotics, eating healthy fermented foods, and consuming pro and prebiotics are great ways to support and cultivate good gut bacteria. The Water Cooler Guys are proud to offer an alternative (as seen below) to unfiltered chlorinated tap water, and a solution to cultivating good gut bacteria through the water you drink.

If filtering your tap water sounds good to you, give us a shout & we can run through all of the different options available. Happy drinking!


The Water Cooler Guys


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