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Modern water cooler with glass and blurr
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Enjoy endless fresh, cold or hot filtered water in your home or office.

You will save money in comparison to bottled water. Choose from either our plumbed-in stand alone unit or our compact bench-top unit. Filtering your water to a very high standard, our water coolers have a 1 Micron carbon filter system and are BPA free.

Avoid the spread of COVID 19  and ask us about our NEW SENSOR ACTIVATED MODELS! Easy touch free operation and temperature control in TRI Temp - Hot, Cold and Ambient.   

☑️  Hot and cold, or cool and cold models available

☑️  Counter top or free standing units available

☑️  Both plumbed in and self filled units available

☑️  Available in black or white

Benefits of the Standard Water Cooler...

Save money and the environment with no need to
   buy refillable bottles
1 Micron filter and BPA free
○ Easily cleaned and sanitized - ask us about our new SENSOR
   ACTIVATED MODELS to help stop the spread of COVID19

Available in stand alone or bench top units - black or white

Eliminates 98% of odour, chlorine and VOC's
Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and metals
Eliminates 99.9% of chemicals and pesticides

Save Money. Compare Costs.

To Purchase Outright = $650
(Please note: if you purchase outright, it will not include maintenance, repairs, spare parts, discount on consumables or filter replacement and servicing)
Lease Price = only $12/week



Cold & ambient or cold & hot water

6 monthly servicing including filters included

Tax deductible operational lease

Fixed pricing and direct debit




Cold and ambient or cold & hot water
Installation $150-$250 depending on site
○ 12 Month Warranty
○ Replacement filters $95 each


Price Comparison

Leasing Your Water Cooler.

One of the main reasons that people choose to use a tax-deductible lease is that there is a minimal upfront cost, which is better on your cash flow. However, the main reasons are that our fully maintained lease is hassle-free and will save you a fortune in filter replacement, servicing and repairs. As you are aware, appliances of all types have issues from time-to-time and will all eventually break.

There is nothing more frustrating than when you purchase a new appliance and it breaks a few months after the warranty has expired. As we all know, every appliance has a shelf-life. Ask anyone who has an under-sink sparkling water system and they will tell you that they usually break at the 3-4 year mark, if not sooner.

It is for this reason that we are so passionate about our tax-deductible leases. You will never ever have to fork out another cent! If your system has any technical issues, we fix it for free! When it eventually breaks (which everything does) – we replace it free and upgrade you to the current model at no additional cost.

Water Cooler New.png

Lease Benefits.

6-monthly filter replacement and servicing included
All maintenance, repairs and spare parts included
30% discount on all consumables and cups
Tax deductible operational lease
Fixed pricing and direct debit available
No more ordering and carrying large bottles
Sustainable, innovative and eco-friendly
Saves money in comparison to bottled water


“We love having our Water Cooler Guys water dispenser! We also found the after-sales service offered by Heidi to be second to none.”

Naomi Wilson, Focus HR

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