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Superior Filtered Water Toowoomba

Enjoy sparkling, cold and hot filtered water straight from the tap in your home or office.

Our AquaSpritz Reverse Osmosis Filtration System is the ultimate drinking appliance for healthy, sustainable water. 


Say goodbye to bottled water for good. No more heavy lifting or storing of water bottles. Just press a button to enjoy an endless supply of freshly filtered sparkling, hot and cold water. By choosing one of our 'bottle-less' systems, you are reducing your carbon footprint by 70% compared to bottled water coolers!

We are a proud Toowoomba based, locally-owned family business. Our mission is to provide outstanding service and a superior alternative to bottled water cooler and drinking fountains.


90% of plastic water bottles end up in the rubbish


It takes 1000 years for plastic bottles to break down


90% of the cost of bottled water is the plastic bottle itself


Our Products.

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Under Bench Reverse Osmosis filter with sparkling, hot and cold filtered water.

►  $2.70/Day Lease

► $2999 + gst Purchase

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Ion Premium

 High-use commercial water cooler with an instant supply of cold and ambient water.

► $14/week Lease

► $3999 Purchase

(not including GST)

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D25 Water Cooler

Plumbed-in or self-filled water coolers with instantly filtered hot and cold water.

► $11/week Lease

► $699 Purchase

(not including GST)


“We love having our Water Cooler Guys water dispenser! We also found the after-sales service offered by Heidi to be second to none.”


Naomi Wilson, Focus HR

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